Introducing Zengage Learning’s updated Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series

A Dual Education & Career Readiness Skills Training Program

The remote non-technical cryptocurrency job preparation program is the first of its kind.

The primary mission of the Zengage Learning dual education cryptocurrency job preparation program is to provide a low-cost opportunity for motivated individuals to attain a rewarding digital economy career and substantially increase their income.

Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series content was developed based upon research of one-year cryptocurrency certificate programs offered by top universities (like Harvard and MIT) costing $12,000 or more. The 12-course program covers all phases and aspects of the cryptocurrency industry; from history to technical analysis.

These cryptocurrency jobs do not require a degree or experience; once hired, companies typically train employees on the specifics of their cryptocurrency applications, services and/or products. Our Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series provides participants with the in-depth foundation knowledge of the crypto industry and markets that employers expect applicants to validate and demonstrate to be considered for employment.

The low cost one-year program has 12 Audio Courses with video and audio podcasts, eBook study guides, assessment tests, certificates of achievement, and program verification letters.

This is a monthly subscription membership program with anytime, or upon program completion, cancellation. Program completion time will vary among participants, according to initial capabilities and specific career goals.

A dedicated career development specialist assists with cover letter and resume writing, interview skills, job search techniques, and more. 100% job placement assistance and numerous supplemental resources are available for an unlimited time.

The program focuses on preparing participants to successfully pursue remote entry level non-technical cryptocurrency jobs paying more than $100,000 per year. Due to the extensive and broad coverage of the Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series program, participants are also prepared to pursue technical, investment and trading careers.

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Crypto Job Preparation

Essential Knowledge and Skills to Pursue Remote Entry Level Non-Technical Cryptocurrency Careers Paying More Than $100,000 Yearly with 100% Job Placement Assistance.

Crypto Audio Courses

Twelve (12) Concise and Comprehensive Audiobooks and Study Guides; Integrated into a Single Learning Management Portal with Unlimited Anytime Access.