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Certify C3 Advanced Crypto Literacy

Zengage Learning Certify C3 is the only substantially researched and reviewed global standard for advanced cryptocurrency literacy. Professional development & career advancement for students and teachers.

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Advanced Cryptocurrency Literacy - Certify C3 Crypto Core Competencies - Zengage Learning

Cryptocurrency Core Competencies

Certify C3 was developed by Zengage Learning as an extensive, concise, and comprehensive academic program designed to provide essential foundation knowledge of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and web3. The program integrates an empowering reading and listening multimodal learning model.

Cryptocurrency Advanced Literacy Global Standards Alignment - Zengage Learning

Certify C3 Global Standards Alignment

Zengage Learning, developer of Certify C3 Cryptocurrency Core Competencies, has collaborated, partnered, and consulted, with some of the world's most well-known education standardizing organizations.

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Advanced Crypto Literacy - Certify C3 Cryptocurrency Core Competencies - Zengage Learning

Knowledge For Success

Cryptocurrency Core Competencies ensures that everyone has access to essential foundation knowledge of all phases and aspects of the crypto industry and markets and are well prepared for the digital economy. The program provides participants an opportunity to evaluate, demonstrate, and validate mastery of cryptocurrency fundamentals.

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Twelve concise and comprehensive courses cover specific content areas and a broad range of topics. Through intensive reading and listening, learners attain the knowledge and understanding necessary to successfully pursue advanced academic studies or professional cryptocurrency-related careers.

See What You Will Learn

  • 1

    History of Cryptocurrencies

    Learn about the origin, development, and growth of major crypto coins and tokens

  • 2

    Understanding Crypto Coins

    Establish a general understanding of the nature of the most popular crypto coins

  • 3

    Understanding Crypto Tokens

    Establish a general understanding of the nature of the most popular crypto tokens

  • 4

    Guide to Cryptocurrencies

    Detailed knowledge about the emergence and current status of various crypto coins

  • 5

    Buying & Selling Cryptocurrencies

    Where / how to buy crypto, wallets, credit cards, PayPal, wire transfer, selling / trading, transaction fees

  • 6

    Cryptocurrency Markets

    Learn crypto markets, value of coins and tokens, including current profitability and investments

  • 7

    Crypto Payment Networks

    All about pricing services, fees, nature of transactions, spending cryptocurrencies, and payment networks

  • 8

    How Cryptocurrencies Work

    How crypto works, blockchain technology, mining crypto, advantages, risk factors, and losing crypto

  • 9

    Cryptocurrency Regulation

    The nature of crypto regulation, legality, tax scenarios, consumer protection issues, and illegal activities

  • 10

    Cryptocurrency Security

    Learn security of cryptocurrency, anonymity of coins and tokens, hacking potential, restoring crypto, and trust factors

  • 11

    Crypto Fundamental Analysis

    Learn investment strategies used by the most successful investors, and the most profitable opportunities to buy and/or sell

  • 12

    Crypto Technical Analysis

    Understand basic and advanced technical analysis, chart reading skills, technical indicators, price trends, profitably trade crypto in any market

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Our Commitment: Certify C3 Standards & Framework for Student and Teacher Learning Outcomes

The Zengage Learning Certify C3 Crypto Advanced Literacy Standards for learners and educators were developed to improve the quality and enhance the impact of our Cryptocurrency Core Competencies program. These standards define what everyone should know about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and web3 across the core areas of this subject matter and the best practices for teaching cryptocurrency advanced literacy.


Certify C3 Program

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