How can I get help?

 Setting up IMAP fetching:

  1. Decide which email address you wish to use for support. Preferably this should be a new (unused) email account, such as and have a valid IMAP account (check with your email provider if not sure).

  2. Send a test email to your support email address ( Do not read it!

  3. On Linux servers, CHMOD file inc/mail/hesk_imap.php to 755 (rwxr-xr-x).

  4. Enable IMAP fetching in HESK Settings (Admin panel > Settings > Email tab > IMAP Fetching: ON).

    Enter your email account details in the fields that appear then click the Test IMAP Connection button.

    If you receive an Error message double-check your settings and make sure they are 100% correct. Do not continue with next steps until the test succeeds.

    If you receive a Success message click the Save changes button at the bottom.

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